Pilsen Sights and Tourist Attractions

The Town Hall - This Renaissance masterpiece was built in 1554 - 1559, based on the designs of an Italian architect, Giovanni de Statia. The building belongs to the most beautiful town halls in Bohemia.  A plastic model of the historical town centre is on display in the town hall rear lounge. The plague column between the town hall and the cathedral is the work of a Pilsen sculptor Kristian Widman and dates back to 1681.

St. Bartholomew's Cathedral - The Gothic St. Bartholomew's Cathedral is the most precious monument in the historic city centre. Its 102.6 m tower (the highest in the Czech Republic) dominates the town centre and offers a scenic view of the surroundings. Here at the main altar visitors can find the famous Pilsen Madonna, a top work of art of the stylistic movement known as Beautiful Madonnas in the Czech Gothic art.

The Great Synagogue - The second largest synagogue in Europe and third largest in the world, built in 1888-1893 combining Romantic and neo-Renaissance styles covered with Oriental decorations. It remembers then numerous and prosperous Jewish community of Pilsen. The building, for its excellent acoustics, is now put to good use for concerts, while the walls play host to temporary photographic exhibitions.

Brewery museum - The brewery museum is the oldest one of its kind in the world and is housed in the original medieval house which enjoyed brewing rights. It tells the story of beer from the far reaches of our past up to formations of large industrial breweries. Part of the museum is the Gothic malt-house, malt drying kiln, roller, and two-level cellars with refrigerator, which lead into the Pilsen underground. 

Pilsen historical underground network - A sophisticated system of cellars and tunnels under the whole Old Town area dates back to the 14th century. The cellars and tunnels served not only as food storage, but in times of threat they provided shelter and emergency exits from the besieged town. The 800m sightseeing loop offers archaeological finds, functional replica of water wheel being part of the waterworks engineering exposition, and a letterpress exposition.  

West Bohemian Museum - The regional museum of the region of Pilsen is one of biggest museums in the Czech Republic. Its more than 2 million depository items document the evolution of nature and society in the wide context of Central Europe. Globally outstanding is the Pilsen Municipal Armoury collection which includes a set of firearms from the end of the 14th up to 17th century. Part of the museum is a stylish coffee room.

Pilsner Urquell  and Gambrinus Brewery - The brewery tour will make you familiar with the unique production process of Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus beer. The tour route leads through authentic places where Pilsner Urquell has been brewed from the very beginning. Part of the tour is beer tasting in the Pilsner Urquell cellars (only for visitors over 18 years of age).

ZOO and Botanical Garden - The Pilsen ZOO and Botanical Garden is the second oldest ZOO in the Czech Republic and the only one, which is ZOO and Botanical Garden at the same time. It keeps the highest number of kinds of animals among the Czech ZOOs: there are almost 6,000 pieces of animals of 1,150 kinds in runs structured according to zoogeographical areas. Part of ZOO is a Lüftnerka farm, Japanese garden, and DinoPark.

Patton Memorial - The Patton Memorial Pilsen is the only museum in the Czech Republic dedicated to the US Army. The exhibition maps the advancement and stay of the US army across the territory of the former Czechoslovakian state in 1945, further the post-war UNRRA economic aid to our country, and the period of totalitarian regime in Czechoslovakia in 1948 - 1989.